I want to help 1000 small businesses become successful in 2013.  That’s 4 each business day or 3 and change each day if I throw in Saturdays.  Originally, this Blog had two purposes:  1) to publish my ideas on making money in investing and business, and 2) to publish anything else that interests me.  Now I’m thinking big and actually want it to be a tool for business success.

Nothing published on this Blog should be construed as advice.  It is a diary of sorts and I am not licensed to give or make investment advice.  If you want anything other than general business and tax advice, you’ll need to hire me.  You are personally responsible for any action that you take based on information published here.

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  1. You’ve got a great blog here! I appreciated your post entitled Small Business Idea #3 (outsourcing time-sucking tasks), especially. Also, that’s a great ambition you have for this new year. Helping that many entrepreneurs will be a challenge, but using your blog as a tool for business success is a smart move that will really help you make some big leaps. Good luck with your endeavors!

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