6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person | Cracked.com

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person | Cracked.com. Cracked.com professes to be a humor site but I see little evidence of humor.  However, they provide a valuable collection of pop culture and current attitudes.  The link above will take you to a vulgar but honest assessment of how to be successful.Continue reading “6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person | Cracked.com”

IRS delays start of tax filing season to January 30

On January 8th, the IRS announced that it was delaying tax filing your 2012 tax return until January 30th.  However, certain forms won’t be available until late February or early March.  This means that most taxpayers can begin to file their 2012 tax returns on January 30th.  However, if you own a business or rentalContinue reading “IRS delays start of tax filing season to January 30”

More on Crowdfunding

As I’ve written before, I’m a big fan of Crowdfunding.  It became “legal” almost a year ago but we’re still waiting for the SEC to write the rules for it.  Here’s a link to a long winded New York Times piece about the opportunities and frustrations. DISCLOSURE:  Once the rules are written, my firm plans to facilitate investing inContinue reading “More on Crowdfunding”

More content at www.russjaegercpa.com

http://www.russjaegercpa.com has become the new online home for my accounting firm.  I’ll keep posting here but I’ll be adding more resources on the new site.   I’ll be posting webinars and other presentations that I’ve given to my clients. During tax season, I may not post as often to insipidbanality or just use it forContinue reading “More content at www.russjaegercpa.com”

Email from the IRS

I say this slowly for the Jets fans out there: THE IRS NEVER USES EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any email that you receive from the IRS is a scam.  Don’t open it or read it.  Delete it immediately.  See this announcement from the IRS. If it makes you feel better, you can forward the email to the IRS at phishing@irs.gov.

Strassel: Big Business Sells Out Small Business – WSJ.com

Here’s a great column from the WSJ about how Big Business has sold you out. Strassel: Big Business Sells Out Small Business – WSJ.com. I’ll have an update soon about how you can properly prepare your business for the fiscal cliff.    

Why does my accountant take so long

Or cost so much. Because: You never bring the information that I request.  Yes I need your W-2, 1099 and every other damned form you get; You want me to save to save you the most money.  Sometimes it takes meditation or a stroke of genius or a bottle of Jim Beam to find theContinue reading “Why does my accountant take so long”

Small Business 2013 – Saving Money Idea #3

Make better use of outsourcing.  Outsourcing and off-shoring have bad reputations perpetuated by folks who have no factual idea about either concept.  Outsourcing is simply delegating necessary tasks to people or companies outside of your business.  Off-shoring is buying goods or services from lower cost regions.  Yes, both concepts can cost people their jobs but your job/businessContinue reading “Small Business 2013 – Saving Money Idea #3”

Small Business 2013 – Saving Money Idea #2

Occupancy is a fancy term for the cost of housing your business.  It can include rent, property taxes, utilities, depreciation, maintenance, janitorial and so on.  Rent is a major expense for most businesses.  If you don’t rent or own your business building, move on to the next post.  If you do rent or own yourContinue reading “Small Business 2013 – Saving Money Idea #2”