Starting a small business Part 3

Thank you virginiaplantation for liking my previous posts.  You have inspired me to continue.  I hope the posts either help people fix their businesses or prevent them from losing their savings while starting one.   Is failing to plan really planning to fail?  YES!  Without a business plan or tons of blind luck, your businessContinue reading “Starting a small business Part 3”

Starting a small business Part 2

Really, I can’t emphasize this enough – DON’T START A BUSINESS!  You’ll go broke, destroy your marriage, and hate your life. If that doesn’t dissuade you, you’ll need to start making a list of customers.  Do this before starting a business.  Building on the first post, you need to know your customers before you canContinue reading “Starting a small business Part 2”

Starting a small business? Part 1

Why?  Don’t you like sleep, sanity and savings?  All three things are gone once you start a business.  Don’t take my word for it.  Ask any business owner.  Go to your local restaurant, car lot or mechanic.  Ask them how much fun they’re having.  Be warned – they might unload on you. So if youContinue reading “Starting a small business? Part 1”