Starting a small business Part 7

Do what you love and the money will follow. Excuse me while I wretch.  I love sleeping and drinking beer.  I don’t think following either of those loves will result in any success.  Unless… You should be passionate about your business idea.  Don’t let the passion blind you to the obvious necessities of finding customers,Continue reading “Starting a small business Part 7”

Starting a small business Part 6

Everything that I learned about marketing in college and before starting a business was WRONG.  Marketing is the most important responsibility of a business owner.  Read that again.  You may think that you’re a mechanic, software developer, hairdresser, CPA, etc, but you’re not.  You are a marketer.  I didn’t understand this until I wasted a ton of money.Continue reading “Starting a small business Part 6”

Starting a small business Part 5

Should I just buy an existing business instead of starting one? Probably not.  Especially not if you’ve never owned a business before. Intangible assets are the most valuable assets of an existing business and the toughest to value.  Intangible means assets that you can’t touch and include customer lists, patents, trademarks, brands and innovative (though notContinue reading “Starting a small business Part 5”

Starting a small business Part 4

Should I hire employees? NO!  NEVER!  People suck.  Quote me on this.  The majority are fat, stupid and lazy.  Don’t believe me.  Check out the Black Friday videos on the web of people brutalizing each other to save $20 on a flat screen TV that they don’t really need.  This is probably your pool ofContinue reading “Starting a small business Part 4”

Starting a small business Part 3

Thank you virginiaplantation for liking my previous posts.  You have inspired me to continue.  I hope the posts either help people fix their businesses or prevent them from losing their savings while starting one.   Is failing to plan really planning to fail?  YES!  Without a business plan or tons of blind luck, your businessContinue reading “Starting a small business Part 3”

Starting a small business Part 2

Really, I can’t emphasize this enough – DON’T START A BUSINESS!  You’ll go broke, destroy your marriage, and hate your life. If that doesn’t dissuade you, you’ll need to start making a list of customers.  Do this before starting a business.  Building on the first post, you need to know your customers before you canContinue reading “Starting a small business Part 2”

Starting a small business? Part 1

Why?  Don’t you like sleep, sanity and savings?  All three things are gone once you start a business.  Don’t take my word for it.  Ask any business owner.  Go to your local restaurant, car lot or mechanic.  Ask them how much fun they’re having.  Be warned – they might unload on you. So if youContinue reading “Starting a small business? Part 1”